Its here!

Well my dear followers… here I sit writing my first blog post… they may be a little rough to start out with but lets just hope they get better! I have been inspired by my dear friend Tariro Makoni to start a blog. I have also been encouraged by many others to share my thoughts as I embark on my first journey out of the country tomorrow. That’s right! I am leaving my nice little comfortable Minot community to go to a foreign country… without mom and dad. But even more nerve racking is the fact that I am going to share the gospel with complete strangers who don’t even speak English! I am praying the few words and phrases that Senora Sanders taught me will help me out a little but I guess I will just have to wait and see!
Tonight my team and I met at the church to pack the rest of our supplies for our VBS that we are going to be doing! Man was there a lot! My heart raced with excitement when I saw all the supplies! It all began to start to feel real! I was also so pumped to see all the supplies that were donated for the pregnancy crisis center that our “host” missionaries are running. We threw open our suitcases and stuffed as much as possible in each one. We then carefully weighed each bag and of course did a little math to figure out whose bags were going to make the cut (the fifty pound weight limit). Did mine? Well if you know me well enough you probably already know the answer… It didn’t. Overweight once again! So I shared a few items with my teammates who don’t have an overpacking problem and I was good to go! But don’t worry, I still have enough baby clothes in my bag to make it look like I am traveling with an infant of own. (Thank goodness I am not.) My luggage is sitting ready by the door and the few hours I have until I leave can’t come soon enough!

Now I am sitting here with a gut feeling that I should be trying to sleep but I know that I will just toss and turn anyways! There is way to much excitement flowing through my veins to sleep! However I do have to be to the airport at 6 am tomorrow so I think it’s time! I am praying for good wifi so I can keep you updated on my adventures!
Much love,


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