Day One and on the Run

Well day one is over and we made it safely Orlando with all bags! Most of the morning was full of laughter, great conversations, and moving walkways of course! We the proceeded to the hotel where we checked into our rooms. This is where the adventure began! I reached into my bag and got a handful of something wet. I then found the source of the problem- a completely empty shampoo bottle. Oh great just what I wanted to wear… Clothes covered in shampoo! I couldn’t believe it had leaked through ziplock bag I had put it in to prevent this problem. This was not the way I wanted to start this trip! This was the first moment when I just wanted my mommy to come and help me clean it up. Little did I know that this was just going to be a minor event that evening. Feeling bummed I pulled out all the dirty clothes and tried to rinse them in the sink. I then hung them to dry and we went to eat. We ate at a fish place where I ventured out and tried alligator. To me it reminded me of popcorn chicken but the meat wasn’t as dry. I really liked it and would definitely recommend it! After supper one of my teammates asked me to go running with her. I was super pumped because usually when I go places no one ever wants to exercise with me but she’s a marathon runner and I was up for the challenge! We had a nice little 3 mile run and then went back to the room for showers and devotions.When I sat down for devos I realized that not everyone was there. I then learned that some of the rest of the team went for a walk and one if my teammates had her hurt ankle and was headed to the ER. Another teammate was having an allergic reaction. Suddenly I realized my shampoo issue you was so small and I felt terrible for making such a big deal out of it! This is where God was just beginning to work in me and I am so excited for all the other things he is going to do! As for my teammates, the one with the allergic reaction got better with some Benadryl. The one with the ankle issue… Well it turns out she broke a small bone in her foot but she is in a boot, doing fine, and will work through it by the grace of God. Well that’s all for day one. Can’t wait for the opportunities day two will bring!


P.s. the clothes are washed and nice and clean just in case you were wondering 🙂


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