Dominican Kisses

Ohh my where do I begin? Today we started our VBS which I’m not gonna lie I was a little nervous for. We took our ” truck” (which is actually like a bus but open so it makes you feel like you are on a safari) to a local church. We got to the church and when the kids started coming, we suddenly realized that we couldn’t just walk up and have a normal conversation with them. So, were kinda of unsure what to really do. We started by singing songs which the kids loved, and they were super loud! It was way louder than any American VBS I have attended. As the morning went on I started to remember more and more Spanish phrases and ways to communicate with the kids! It was super exciting and it seemed as if the kids got less shy and more adapted to us strange Americans who don’t know a thing about Espanol. When it was time to leave a little girl came over and wanted a hug. I was absolutely elated! The kids actually liked us and didn’t think we were too strange! As I bent down to hug her she kissed me on the cheek. My the melted completely as if it hadn’t already. God was using us, even with a language barrier!

We went back out later to do a different VBS. This time we went to a village rather than the middle of the city. When we got off of the truck, we were greeted immediately by a group of gorgeous little girls. They walked right up to us and starting talking, which then turned into picture taking, which turned into learning a few handshakes, which turned into a lot of hugs. As I stood with my camera out,one little girl came up to me and ask me to pick her up which I did immediately of course! There was no way anyone could say no to those big brown eyes anyways! She picked up my camera and started going through the pictures. In every picture she asked me who each person was even if the same people were in each and every picture. I can’t even count how many time I told her ” es mi amiga” or ” es mi hermana” but it didn’t bother me at all because she was so precious! During the VBS I stood up front as I helped with the Bible story. The children’s big brown eyes sparkled as they listened very intensely to the story. You could tell they wanted to learn more and more. They wanted to take in as much as they could get. This really hit me because as Americans we have any information we want, yet we just sit back and don’t do anything with it. We are so lazy with all the resources we have been given.

As I look back at the day I realized there were a few things that made me think very deeply. The first one is that these children are the happiest children I have ever met. They have so much joy yet they have so many fewer possessions. They are proof that the less you have, the less you have to worry, and the happier you are. I came on this mission thinking were we going to be loving on Dominican children, but really I think they are touching our lives more than anything. God is good and we are so blessed!
Much love,


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