A Hug is Worth a Thousand Words

Day two of VBS is over and once again it was an amazing day! God is doing fantastic things in this country through both my team and others! It’s so amazing how people long to hear as much as you can tell them about Christ through both your words and actions. This morning I was put in charge of registration, as I began to put wristbands on the kids a little girl came up to me and gave me one of the biggest hugs I had ever experienced. I knew I had seen her face before but I couldn’t remember a significant encounter I had made with her the day before. This is when I realized actions speak louder than words. One of my teammates said, “You smile at these kids one time and you are instantly best friends, you don’t need to even speak.” This is completely true! It is only because God is involved that this is possible. After VBS we were walking out of the church and just beyond the doorway the little girl was waiting for me, to give me a hug. I ran over to her and gave her and her friend a huge hug! You could say we are best friends! 🙂

This afternoon we took our “jungle bus” back into the Dominican village. As we pulled up there was at least forty kids waiting for us and many many more on the way! They all smiled and cheered as we pulled up. It was like we were famous or something! As I got off of the bus I was greeted immediately by a little girl who grabbed my hand, she told me her name but I couldn’t really understand her, which I felt terrible about because she asked me my name and she grasped it immediately. She then proceeded to tell me that she was eight years old and has four siblings. I also found out later in the day that she has a very good sense of humor. Everyone thought she was so funny! I did get a picture with her so hopefully I will figure out how to post it on here when I get back! After there was a break in the conversation I was bombarded by a few other kids (which in this case I love being bombarded). I mean who wouldn’t want beautiful Dominican children running at them while smiling from ear to ear? After a few moments I hear “Ayy McKinzie” (imagine this in your best Dominican accent) behind me; I turn around to see that the little girl had gotten all of her friends together to chant my name. One again my heart melted. The afternoon was filled with much excitement, these kids have more energy than I have ever seen in my life! My prayer is that one day they will use their energy and joy to impact the world for Him. Also, today I think I received more hugs than I have ever received in my life. And it wasn’t just like some of those half hugs like we do in America. You know the ones where you can tell people are giving you a hug as a kind jesture that doesn’t really mean anything? No, these are full on authentic hugs! I also exchanged so many smiles which you can’t really explain until you just witness it, but it just brings you pure joy that seems infinite! I want to stay with these kids forever! They are so happy and don’t have a worry in the world.

Overall, God is absolutely amazing! We have had approximately 94 kids accepted Christ as their personal Savior in the past two days! Keep praying for the people as they begin to understand God’s word. Pray that we can reach out to as many people as possible in the most effective way! Even if we are just planting that first seed. Please pray that my team would also have energy to work with the kids as some feel as though they are lacking it. I am so blessed to be here! God has put me here for a reason and like I said before it is absolutely amazing!
Gushing with Joy,


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