Mis Amores

Today started out with a Dominican rainbow and let me tell you it was gorgeous! Imagine a rainbow in America and then imagine it 10 times more gorgeous! That’s what a Dominican rainbow looks like! Today we met a young boy who was 15. He came up to us and started playing the accordion his music was so beautiful and his voice was even better! Don’t worry I took a video! I also figured out somehow that he wanted to arm wrestle me. Unfortunately he won. Guess I need to go back to ask and do some more biceps curls!
This afternoon was quite emotional for us. Today we did our last VBS in the village. As I got off the bus I was greeted by a little girl who had clung to me yesterday. I saw that she had some flowers in her hand that she had picked. Then I realized that she had picked them for me! It was the sweetest thing ever! She then clung to me the best she could for the rest of the day. Other kids would come and try to hang on me or talk to me and she would go up to them and say, “No, mi gringa.” Which I found out means my white person! She was very possessive of me and didn’t want me to ever leave her sight. It made me sad to think that I probably won’t see her ever again. It reminded me that life is short and if you want to make impact on someone you better do it to the best of your abilities without any delay. I am praying that my impact was big enough on that girl that maybe one day she will have a strong relationship with Christ but only God knows!
At the village this afternoon I also had the honor of painting two little girls finger nails. I loved this because it gave me a chance to have a conversation with them while I painted! I began speaking to these 2 girls as best as I could in my broken Spanish. I eventfully found out that they were ages 8 and 12 and were cousins. I then started asking them about their families because family is very very important in this culture. I found out that the 8 year old’s mother had died and her father was no where to be found. So she lived with her cousin. I can’t even imagine going through that! You can just see the need for good older role models in all of these kids’ lives. It is so vivid. These could have walked away and said this girl doesn’t know anything about Spanish but instead they were patient and just wanted the attention. They also painted my nails after I was done with theirs! It makes me wish that nail polish was permanent so that I would always have something to remember them by in order to remember to pray for them! I never want to forget about any of these kids I have met!
This evening we had the pleasure of going to Dominican church service! It was awesome to worship with other believers. it didn’t even matter that there was a language barrier! We were all just their to worship Christ as one body! Apparently their church is much different than ours. They have services ever single night! Imagine how different Christians would be in America if we did the same. It was absolutely amazing to see how on fire they were for God! That is one thing I have noticed about Dominicans. They are either all in or all out, there is no half heartedness. I think this is a good lesson for all of us! If your going to do something you mine as well put in the full effort and do it to the best of your abilities.
Full of blessings,


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